Fire alarm unit IP 330-GERDA

Infrared three-spectral fire alarm unit IP 330-GERDA is for fire detection using multispectral selection principium provided maximum protection from false triggering. So this unit is usable in regions with strong ultraviolet rays, welding works zone etc. Device is explosion-proof, so it is suitable for installation both indors and outdoors of petrochemical industry buildings inclusive of tanks and pump station.

IP 330-GERDA consists of electronic module and aluminum housing with sapphirine little window. Mounting bracket on housing provides fire alarm unit sense wherever direction.

Designers equipped IP 330-GERDA with optical element: optical sensor responds to emission in three spectral subranges. Two subranges correspond to selective combustion products emission bands (H2O and CO2). Third reference subrange concentrated basic background interferences (sun, artificial light, heating units, lightning strokes etc. Electronic circuit diagram separates and compares fire and background interferences signals and then decides to pass from sleep condition mode to mode «Fire». At the time unit analysis only emission signal ac component is inherent to open fire source.

Maximum IP 330-GERDA hard alarm distance 25 and 17 m from test fire sources TP-5 and TP-6 accordingly.


Operating temperature (-50)°C…(+50)°C
Explosion protection 1ExidBIIBT4
Housing sealability IP65
Aspect angle at least 90°
Supply voltage 12V or 24V direct-current
Dimensional specifications 158:196:223 mm
Interface on order


  • Fire certificate — is expected.
  • Explosion-proofness license — is expected.
Download (.zip, 203 kB)