Low expansion rate foam generator with foam pourer GPNPS -50

Low expansion rate foam generator with foam pourer GPNPS-50 is to extinguish fire in petrol and other liquid tanks. Generator is mounted on floating-roof storage tanks.

GPNPS is self-contained device, generated low expansion foam from water foam generator solution mixed with atmosphere air in the construction determined pro rata.

Motion parts absence provides high device reliability.Foam generator is mounted on the tank top ring tray beyond tank shells and don’t limit tank floating-roof motions. Foam generator connects with supply standpipe of foam generator water solution through with traditional flange of nominal bore 50.

Assembler can easy lift up generator to the tank top ring and mount it due to simple fixing system and generator light weight.

Generator assembling don’t request to interrupt operating procedure (if any fixation holes on tank top ring).

Foamgenerator air intake tube has wedge cut to provide generator air duct protection from atmospheric fallout and snow on flange.

GPNVS foam generator as customer required is calibrated on operation pressure according to minimum flow.

General properties:

  • Generator is for floating-roof storage tanks;
  • On the expenditure side calibration on operation pressure;
  • Motion parts absence;
  • High reliability;
  • Assembling simplicity;
  • Protection from atmospheric fallout.


Solution performance FG 180 – 700 l/min
Weight 17 kg
Divisible factor at least 1:7*
Connection (flanged) Nominal bore 50
Stock housing stainless steel
Inner spare parts brass
Operational pressure range 4 – 16 Bar (0,4 – 1,6 МPа)

* — Index depends on foam generator type. 1 Bar = 0,1 МPа = 14,5 psi


  • Correspondence certificate № ROSS RU.BB02.N00466
  • Fire certificate №SSPB.RU.UP001.N00087
  • Recognition license № UA (Ukraine)
Download (.zip, 23 kB)