Ejection high expansion rate foam generator GPVK(E)

Ejection high expansion rate foam generator is to extinguish fire in different allotment placements:

  • Petrochemical and petroleum refining industry processing departments and storages;
  • Apparatus rooms, pump and booster stations, hangars and light metal structures placements;
  • Alcohol-containing liquid and dissolvent storage;
  • Other storage of valuable equipment is exclusive water firefighting.

Generator is usable both as part of total saturation steady-state system and by hand of fire prevention operational subdivisions. In this case generator is efficient to extinguish fire in basements, mines, cable sub wave.

High-expansion foam quick floods and effectively extinguishes non-spreading fire or floods everything. In last case surfaces moistened by foam solution, foam affectedly isolates placement and restricts air access to isolated room and prevents flame propagation from flame emission and through ventilation system, interstices etc.

Foam generators application features:

  • If generators steady-state system air flues or holes within the walls of protected building are not required, because fresh air is expendable for foam forming.
  • There are lots of variants of possible foam generator mounting when using as a part of steady-state system.
  • Usual generator application is in «full flowage» mode, but it is usable for local extinguish.
  • Generator artificially sections placement while foam flooding.
  • Foam generators have small weight, so mounting is simplified. Besides generator is easy-to-use for fire prevention staffs.
  • Necessary water supply considerably decreased in comparison with sprinkler (drencher) water systems. If using-on-hand by fire protection staff slop consequential damage recedes several times.
  • When usual generators usage as a part of steady-state (automatic) extinguish system total placement volume under cover.

Fire-extinguishing action of high expansion rate foam is by several parallel mechanisms:

  • When foam-to-fire contact well-known mechanism begins work: isolate burnable surface from oxidizing compound (air). And then foam solution cools burnable surface coating;
  • If any smoldering stuff, foam solution works as wetting agent and prevent fire propagation into smoldering stuff. Foam lift rise prevents fire propagation by vertical and angle surfaces;
  • If any latent heat sources are target-hardened for foam contact, foam separate heat source from air. It result is fire self-quenching and fire propagation exception.


Solution performance FG (foam generator), l/s 0,8 – 1,0 l/min
Weight 4,5 kg
Operational solution pressure range FG 4-7 bar (0,4 – 0,7 МPа)
Foam performance*, l/s 400 – 8 000
Maximum foam expansion rate* 800
Stock stainless steel, brass

* — Index depends on foam generator mark. Foam generators of general and target purpose are usable.


  • Fire certificate SSPB.RU.UP001.N00322
  • TOR (terms of reference) 4854-005-45416838-01
Download (.zip, 279 kB)