About us

In 1970 plant opened up to deliver cattle breeding and forage production aggregates.

From 1970 to 2002 after operating areas updating and extension plant delivered new agricultural implements in addition to equipment was delivered before: bogie-traps TT-1, live fish carrier vehicles N15-IZHZK, machine tool station SSD-2, cargo carriers ТК-5.0, ТС-40.0.ОS, 3-, 4-, 5 and 8- bodies plough.

"Kamyshinskiy Mashzavod" was founded in 1931. Plant repaired STZ and «Universal» tracktors engines, heavy-oil engines, turners and delivered agricultural equipment spare parts.

In 1957 plant opened up to deliver 1 - and 5-tonish leveling jack, clutch wheels, frames for DT-54 tracktor, ring rollers.

In 1995 plant allotted leading Russian manufacturers (Certificate АV 004609 From 3 November of 1995).

From 2003 plant is de jure independent and disposes manufacturing facilities in full.

At the present time plant continues to deliver agricultural equipment. Plant became one of the largest region producer delivered wide range of oil-loading and fire protection equipment. Especially plant delivered dispensing equipment OSN. SVN based on high-reliable conduct pipe swivel joint PST having no Russian counterparts. All manufactured equipment is certificated.
The plant has and operates a quality management system ISO 9001:2015.