GERDACAR electro

GERDACAR is excellent alternative to common car to ride in hotel facilities, gardens, spa resorts

  • Not any pollutant emissions to atmosphere
  • Low noise level
  • Power recuperation system when coasting and braking**
  • Minimal action radius is 30 km
  • Car doesn’t transport tax
  • Car doesn’t entitled to STSI (State Road Traffic Safety Inspection) registration
  • Car doesn’t demand MOT test
  • Car doesn’t demand compulsory civil liability motor-vehicle insurance
  • Road clearance is 220 mm
  • All wheels independent suspension
  • All-terrain
  • Car is easy-to-drive
  • Variable versions and manufacturing under customer’s order

** Menu option is available if using specific controller and engine with power of 4.2 kW

GERDACAR vehicle is delivered in variable versions for cargo and passengers transportation. Cargo version may be equipped with variable body types. GERDACAR cargo capacity depends on version and amounts up to 550 kg.

GERDACAR may be equipped with petrol engines with capacity of 125 сm3 (5.5/7.7 kW/hp) or 150 сm3 (6.1/8.3 kW/hp) and with electric engines with power of 3.7 kW (5.1 hp) or 4.2 kW (5.7 hp).

Versions may be manufactured under customer’s requirements.


Basic equipment
Nomenclature Typical frame Elongate frame
Frame Steely,
Length 3 020 mm
Width 1 240 mm
Height 1 200 mm (1 900 mm with roof)
Wheelbase 1 850 mm
Length 3 500 mm
Width 1 240 mm
Height 1 200 mm (1 900 mm with roof)
Wheelbase 2 630 mm
Suspension front/rear independent/independent
Steering rack-and-gear
Disks drifted 4V-12N2
Tyres 135 / 80 R12
Engine electric 3.7 kW (5.1 hp)
Rear drive with differential and forward/backward driving direction changeability
Brakes circular hydraulic
Front element spot-facing plastics, ABS (antilock brake system)
Seats 1 range (two seats, driver and passenger)
Curb weight (max) 500 kg 600 kg
Cargo capacity 450 kg 500 kg
Action radius 30 km 30 km
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