GERDACAR is excellent alternative to common car to ride in hotel facilities, gardens, spa resorts, to transport in-plant and in farm, without on highway driving.


Car is usable for

  • intradepartmental transport,
  • remedial maintenance in machinebuilding and petroleum-refining plant etc.,
  • haulage of assembly units, aggregates to remedial maintenance objects with reduced clearance access,
  • in agricultural enterprises and farms,
  • service of country and houses, hunting farms, sports complexes etc.

Vehicle is responsive combines with convenience, comfort and offroader passing ability. GERDACAR provides ample opportunities to transport passengers and small inconsiderable cargos by the asphalt roads and impassibility of roads.

Design description

GERDACAR consists of steely (or aluminum according to order) weld-fabricated low level chassis with mounted engine, steering, running gear. Engine with infinitely variable transmission renders possible to change gradually the speed in any directions: when both forward and backward driving. Chassis is delivered in several versions: typical, elongate and lightweight.

GERDACAR passenger type (depending on version) transports from 2 to 6 passengers. To transport cargo, stocks and mechanisms GERDACAR bodies equipped with tilt boards. It is possible to equipped car with additional devices both in body and chassis: welding set, compressor etc. Chassis may be equipped with additional seats, body, wind-screen, roof and electrical equipment. Electrical equipment consists of headlights, turn indicators, backing light, brake lights and hazard lamps. Equipment renders possible to use GERDACAR during hours of darkness or when visibility low.

Vehicle version with electric engine and GERDACAR for household works and harvesting are on development stage.

GERDACAR is identified as mini-tracktor and doesn’t entitle to STSI (State Road Traffic Safety Inspection) registration (point 2 of Government RF decree from 21.02.2002 № 126). Car doesn’t demand compulsory civil liability motor-vehicle insurance and MOT test and imposed minimum transport tax. For driving on highway GERDACAR is equipped with electrical equipment. After registration in Federal Service of Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision GERDACAR get tracktor identification numbers.


Basic equipment
Nomenclature Typical frame Elongate frame
Frame Steely,
Length 3 020 mm
Width 1 240 mm
Height 1 200 mm (1 900 mm with roof)
Wheelbase 1 850 mm
Length 3 500 mm
Width 1 240 mm
Height 1 200 mm (1 900 mm with roof)
Wheelbase 2 630 mm
Suspension front/rear independent/independent
Steering rack-and-gear
Disks drifted 4V-12N2
Tyres 135 / 80 R12
Engine four-stroke 125 сm3, (7.7 hp)
Driveline infinitely variable transmission
Rear drive 2:1 with differential and forward/backward throw-over gear
Brakes circular hydraulic
Front element spot-facing plastics
Seats 1 range (two seats, driver and passenger)
Curb weight (max) 450 kg 500 kg
Cargo capacity 500 kg 550 kg
Fuel consumption 4.0 4.5
Additional equipment list
Option nomenclature Typical frame Elongate frame
Range of options for registration in Federal Service of Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision
Engine 150 сm3, (8.3 hp)
Engine (Italy) 150 сm3, (12.3 hp)
Additional seats range (2 passengers’ seats)
2 additional seats ranges (4 passengers’ seats 2+2)
Cargo bed (without boards) 1 100 x 1 100
Cargo bed (without boards) 1 600 x 1 100
Body 700 x 1 100 x 400
Body 1 100 x 1 100 x 400
Body 1 600 x 1 100 x 400
Tipping body
Vinyl Roof for body (with metal framefork)
Hard plastic toр for body (shelter)
Basic roof (2 000 mm)
Elongate roof (2 500 mm)
Soft top (PVC (PolyVinylChloride) with metal framework)
Side cockpit hood
Driving mirror
Safety belts
Alloy wheels
Winter rubber
Lightweight chassis (aluminium)
Paint coating in customer’s colors and logo laying
Other individual requirements
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