Loading scaffold bridge protection fence

Protection fence (OSN-OZ-1х1,12) is for railway and road loading rack. Fence is to provide safe maintenance engineer work. Fence construction consists of separate movable section-frames.

To access to tank engineers open section by rotation aside loading rack. Design features are that previous section mobility is limited by next section rotational axis. So section opening to tank doesn’t possible. Section closes mechanically: if any greasing in structure footing frame unsets under curb weight.

Plant deliver fence in two variants differ from each other by bonding technique of structure footing with scaffold bridge. Variant №1 with flange is fitted on loading rack by screw bolt M12.Variant №2 without flange is fitted by welding.

Primary structural elements:

  1. Frame
  2. Structure footing
  3. Flange (for Variant №1)


Section dimensional specifications, mm* length 1030
Hight var. №1 (var. №2) 1120 (1110)
Recommended distance between sections when mounting, mm** 1000
Section weight, kg Variant №1 14.5
Variant №2 13.5
Stock stainless steel
Rotation angle, degree 110-180
Durability at least, years 10
Download (.zip, 32 kB)