Top loading riser OSN-SVN

Top loading riser is construction of loosely joined pipelines with special equipment to barefoot and pressure tight fill petroleum product and other liquids in road and railway tanks.

Equipment consists of two fitting pipes and telescopic pipe is pulled down in tank. Fitting pipe №1 is connected with loading rack quit sweeps in a horizontal plane; fitting pipe №2 is connected with fitting pipe №1 sweeps in a horizontal and vertical planes. Telescopic pipe renders possible to meet State Mining and Safety Organization requirements to restrict free fall distance of HFL (highly-flammable liquid) fluent while loading. And riser may be equipped with pressure cup and special universal restrainer. Restrainer provides leakproof pressure cup fixing on tank any type of construction. Device equipped with indexing mechanism is prevented inadvertent tube rise if mounting on tank neck.


Purpose Tank filling up and unloading (railway and road tanks, oil shops, storage tanks etc.)
Type range (on nominal inside diameter) ND, mm 50, 80, 100, 150, 200, 250
Operating environment while filling up and unloading Petrol, petroleum products, liquefied HC-hydrocarbon, mordant liquids, bulk material
Version steady-state
Total operational pressure of operational environment , МPа (kgs/cm2) from 0,01 to 2,1 (from 0,1 to 21)
Bearable operational temperature, °С -40 … +90
Immersion depth in tank if standard version, mm from 0 to 3 500
Rotation angle (coverage) in plane at least, degrees Vertical -45 … +45
Horizontal -180 … +180
Middle total service life at least, years 10
ATBF (average time between failures), cycles 9000
Metallic parts stock carbon steel and stainless steel
Overhand weightlessness is moved in vertical-horizontal planes Balance bob or spring-controlled beam
Products Pressure tight filling Barefoot filling
Operating environment Operating environment
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Caustic Download (.zip, 855 kB) Download (.zip, 858 kB) Download (.zip, 846 kB) Download (.zip, 850 kB)
Corrosive acid - - - -
HC-hydrocarbon Download (.zip, 855 kB) Download (.zip, 858 kB) Download (.zip, 846 kB) Download (.zip, 849 kB)
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