Bogie-trap TT – 1M (for cattle traffic)

Bogie-trap TT-1M is for pigs cargo handling to vehicle and for animal transportation on cattle. Also bogie is usable for cargo handling and transportation other load en bloc no more than 2 tones.

TT-1M usage provides:

  • Animal cargo handling to cattle trucks and cars of all makes;
  • Animal transportation without additional loading equipment;
  • To weigh animal in bed on farms balance;
  • Productivity gain, labour inputs and annual operating costs reduction.

Bogie-trap TT-1M is to work with 9 and 14 tractor types (Т-40, Т-40А, МТZ-80, МТZ-82 etc.). Bogie lift for transport and downdrop to ground-level is by fluid-pressure operated lifting gear operated on tractor hydraulic system. Bogie is usage in all Russia climatic regions. Bogie replaces loading bays, auxiliaries for pigs loading and transportation. Annual tests confirmed bogie ease of operation and construction reliability.


Mass, kg 1250
Maximum bearing capacity, kg 2000
Body cubic capacity while animal weight less than 130 kg from 15 animals
Operating speed, km/h up to 10
Loading height, mm In up position 1300
In down position 190
Travelling speed up to 20
Dimensional specifications, mm, LxWxH In up position 5 650 х 2 500 х 2 400
In down position 5 950 х 2 500 х 1 300
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