Volvo P1800

Volvo P1800

In 2011 Volvo P1800 celebrates semi centenary from the day of design production beginning! Any automobile within all Volvo history wasn’t such important event both for society and automobile line. So P1800 semi centenary celebrating is worth really worldwide acceptance.

Volvo manufactured 4 P1800 basic versions:

ModelYears of manufactureVolume of output (pcs)
Volvo P18001961 - 196339406
Volvo P1800S1963 - 197039406
Volvo P1800E1970 – 197239406
Volvo P1800ES1971 – 19738077

B18 engine with a horsepower capacity of 100 hp (75 kW) had 4 cylinders and was in fact then Volvo truck B38 V8 hemi section. Since 1966 automobile was equipped with high-powered engine with horsepower capacity of 115 hp. New B20B engine with horsepower capacity of 118 hp (89kW) replaced it in 1969. Designers mounted M40 driveline (until 1963) and then M41 driveline. Full speed amounted up to 190 km/h, and car picked-up the 190 km/h speed within 9,5 seconds.

  • YOM: 1961 – 1963


• Volvo P1800 won fame in 1962 when was chosen for American TV series «The Saint» with Roger Moor in the lead. Car have been TV series symbol until 1970-s.

• Sport coupe Volvo P1800 S 1966 YOM broke the longest haul record among uncommercial automobiles and car has been champion since mid-1990-s. Sole automobile champion owner is former schoolteacher Irvin Gordon from Long Island, New York. By the record documenting in the Guinness Book of World Records moment car drove more then 2 500 000 km (1 671 000 miles). By September 2006 this sport coupe overcame the barrier of 4 000 000 km, it is 100 world trip or 5 Moon round trip. By now this automobile haul exceeded 4 500 000 km. Car still has original engine, radio, chassis and driveline. It traveled all over not only USA, Canada, Mexico, but many European countries (Netherlands, German, Sweden).

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