1973 Volvo P 1800 ES 

Engine displacement
1986 cm³ 
Engine power
125 hp 
Very good 

This car is a part of «KAMYSHMASH» collection, which is the biggest private collection of antique cars in Russia (officially registered by Russian book of records).
The car was bought at an Ebay auction in February 2011 in Seattle, USA, Washington. Imported to Russia in September 2011. In January 2013, the restoration began, the car was dismantled and deconstructed, and in October 2015 the work completed.
Restoration lasted almost 3 years. A full cycle of restoration works was carried out. Bumpers, moldings, radiator lining and other decorative elements of the body were re-chrome plated.
The body was seriously damaged by corrosion, but all elements were repaired or replaced with new. There is a detailed photo report of all stages of the restoration. The car is painted in gold from the manufacturer's palette corresponding to the 1973 model year.
Interior decoration is combined of beige leather and brown carpet.
Workshop “KAMYSHMASH” represents the car restored by a team of restoration masters on the basis of “Kamyshinsky Mashzavod” in the city of Kamyshin, Volgograd region, Russia. This is not a replica and not a remake, but a real car of the year 1968, which passed a full cycle of restoration works and corresponds to the original state in which it came off the assembly line. Deviations from the original condition are only possible in four criteria: The interior is made of natural leather, even if originally it was made of leatherette; The body paint is made with modern dyes and the color may differ from the factory color; The car is fitted with modern tyres; The car is equipped with air conditioning (even if it was not in the original equipment).

Watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/t3jXEeBPiHM

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